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What to Expect with Social Media in 2018

What to Expect with Social Media in 2018

Here we go jumping on the 2018 trend bandwagon! Most times these articles are BS because you can usually see what’s coming as far as online trends go well before the holiday season. Some people treat these as predictions but they should be treated as observations. Anyway, as 2017 will soon come to and end there will inevitably be some surprises in store for all of us in 2018. Here’s our take on 2018.

Personal Assistant Proliferation

Personal assistants like the Google Home, Amazon Echo and variants from other companies will gain even wider acceptance in 2018. Right now, I don’t think that Google or Amazon will allow advertisers to reach directly on these devices. I think that the technology is too new and people would end up being more hesitant or reject it entirely. However, if these platforms provide usage data to advertisers maybe we can use some of the conversational information to deliver information about products right at the moment on inquiry and speed them up to the point of purchase.

Fake User Crackdown

Don’t be surprised to see the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter crackdown on fake users and engagement. Considering the debacle that social media has created in regards to the election, expect to see the biggest social media platforms doing more to save face. Facebook has already disallowed publishers the ability to edit the description of links shared in order to reduce the amount of fake news on their platform. Source: Facebook

Demographic Shifts

Expect a demographic shift in the Snapchat user base that will make the platform uncool. Parents are using Snapchat more and thus teens will migrate to something else. We’re too old to know right now. Houseparty? Marco Polo? Whatever it is, it’s likely to be a group video messaging app of some sort.

Generation Z will be the new darling on social media. Expect to hear more about this demographic in 2018.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We’ll put money on this one. Simply because this trend has started early in 2017. Expect to see even more brands using 360° video, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality to engage users. The capability for VR/AR/360° has already been baked into your social media platforms and devices. My Pixel 2 XL already has AR stickers that I can use with my camera. Look at the excitement over the iPhone X Animoji and Snapchat filters. Let’s not forget about Facebook Spaces for Oculus Rift users.

Platform Shopping

Expect to see more buy now options for products without even having to leave social media platforms. The more time you spend within a social media platform and the less time you spend outside the better. Many large industries are displaying their inventory right on their Facebook pages using the Facebook Shop. Check out our blog post about Using Facebook Shop. We’ve already wrote about the platform shopping in our blog post Start Selling Products on Facebook Today back in November.

Ad Transparency

This one isn’t exactly a prediction. It’s known to be pending. At some point in 2018, ads that a business page run on Facebook will be visible on their page. We expect this to create interesting analysis of competitors in 2018. As of right now no specific details are out but at the very least you’ll be able to see what ads your competition has deemed worthy to spend money on. This will end up being a really good competitor research tool when it is available.Source: Facebook

Higher Expectations

We’re sure you’ve noticed that organic reach has taken a nose dive during 2017. As more and more platforms move to pay-to-play businesses will be left with no choice but to create and maintain a paid social advertising strategy for content optimization. If a business is going to pay for content to be seen they’ll most certainly be expecting results. Gone will be the days of social media managers that merely wrote and scheduled posts.

In Conclusion

No matter what 2018 brings we’re excited for the future. What do you think 2018 will bring?