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Video Marketing. Show, Don’t Tell.

Video Marketing Radcliffe & Co.

Video Marketing. Show, Don’t Tell.

Video marketing is no longer just a luxury format only available to big brands with large budgets. It has become easier than ever before to create video for your business and it’s one of the best tools you can use for engagement. Why?

Video will have the highest engagement rate because it has higher information density than any other content type that you can publish right now. What does that mean? Look at it this way.

Currently, you’re reading text. Letter by letter creating words, we’re conveying meaning with each sentence. This can only take you so far. Not everyone can be as descriptive and long winded as Charles Dickens.

Image Information Density

Here’s a picture of a dog. What can information can we convey with this picture? The type of dog? Color of the dog? Perhaps the age? Maybe a little information from the background.

image of a dog for video marketing


Video Information Density

Let’s compare that to the information contained in a 10 second video. What can we see now?


We can see the dog is tired. He’s clearly being annoyed by something. Now think about it this way. If we choose to, we can purposefully convey emotion using music or set the tone using narration. This creates a more emotional response from your users. A 2015 study of emotions and viral content found that content with an emotional hook is far more likely to be shared.

If you can say all of this about a dog in 10 seconds, imagine what you can do for your products or services?! Creating, editing and publishing has become a lot more accessible and a whole lot more important as a resource for your business. Radcliffe & Co. can help you get started. Just send us a message or give us a call today at 724-209-7852