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National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Did you know that National Dog Day is celebrated each August 26th? Perfect for the stargazers out there as the “dog days” refer to the dog star, Sirius, and its position in the heavens during late Summer. Mel Grata Chevrolet hosted and event honoring our furry friends and raising awareness of local advocacy organizations with a large donation to their local faction of the Human Society. Radcliffe & Co. had a lot of fun with this project by increasing the event’s regard with demographic targeting pet owners and animal loving groups. The pre-roll videos created by Radcliffe & Co. acted as commercials for the event on social media outlets and on the Mel Grata website. I think the greatest part of this experience for us was executing the Facebook Live campaign at the event itself. Radcliffe & Co. made more than one darling, four-legged friend on August 26th.

This was the first year for the event and it was a tremendous success with attendance over 400 people and numerous local animal advocacy groups in attendance. Hermitage Police K9 Unit displayed their new patrol vehicle and District Attorney from the Mercer County Courthouse made a presentation about updated leash laws. In the end, the event raised over $8,300 for our local Humane Society.


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August 26, 2017