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Inspiring Lives Magazine

Inspiring Lives Magazine

Inspiring Live Magazine was a rewarding challenge in that the work was truly, well, inspiring. Digitizing a litany of stories from strong and brilliant women from five past full bleed print issues were a lot of work but it was a pleasure to see so many smiling and empowered faces and to type out their compelling stories was an experience we at Radcliffe & Co. won’t soon forget.

The character of the Inspiring Lives page was designed to increase shareability of their articles and highlight the artists and models that make up the dream-like photography that graces the pages of this lush publication. The Inspiring Lives Magazine webpage is also a powerhouse for indexing and has been completely optimized for web search. As you may or may not know advertising is the catalyst for keeping the engine of any print entity moving forward. Along with our revamp of the site, Radcliffe & Co. devised and implemented a digital advertising strategy for the Inspiring Lives Magazine management team to continue to build sales and promote like-minded business to business connections off the shelves and online.

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Inspiring Lives Magazine




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October 13, 2017