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Facebook News Feed Changes: Don’t Panic!

Facebook News Feed Changes: Don’t Panic!

Facebook has been rolling out changes to their news feed algorithm that can potentially change the way your audience will engage with you.  In short, this means that you’re now more likely to see posts from your friends and family and less posts from brands on the platform. What does this mean for you as a business on social media or Facebook in particular?

Facebook has stated that the changes will “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people… [and] posts from friends and family over public content.” For some, the thought of these changes are frightening but in reality if you’ve had a good strategy to begin with you’ll be fine. It just means you’ll need to execute the same social media strategy that you have been using just better than you should have been all along.

Makes sense right? Here’s our advice…


If your business has been using social media primarily as a social platform to engage with your customers then you should be fine. If you’ve only looked at it as an advertising platform then you’ll need to make a few changes. Let’s take a dive into what you can do to make your process a lot more strategic and how to minimize any impacts.

Speak To, Not At

Focusing on vanity metrics such as “likes” or “fans” really shouldn’t have been your strategy to begin with but with the new changes that goal is definitely out now. While having tons of “likes” are great, they’re not the end goal. We’ve seen plenty of pages that have lots of likes that consistently get outperformed by pages with half of that because of the content they create. The content these pages produce speaks to their audience, not at their audience. Instead, focus on creating genuine content that encourages thoughtful discussion and build your audience organically. Disturbingly low engagement from a large audience can signal that something else has gone awry. Read our blog post about Never Buy Reviews, Followers or Likes – Here’s Why

Diversify Content

We’re not saying that your business needs to be on every social media platform, but you definitely should consider having a presence outside of Facebook if it suits you. If your content strategy only fits one social media platform then you’re truly at the will of every change that comes along. While we’re on this topic… make sure that your content is tailored for each individual platform. Products like Hootsuite are great for saving time, but pushing the same post to all social media platforms without any consideration to how each social media platform interacts and displays is just lazy.

Video & Facebook Live

Simple. Use more video and live streaming. Video consistently has higher engagement than any other post types and using Facebook Live will garner even more engagement. If you do plan on using Facebook Live then make sure that you’re topic is interesting and that you engage with your live audience. They’re supposed to be sharing an experience with you, not watching you experience something. Read our blog post about Video Marketing: Show, Don’t Tell or our case study for Larrimor’s involving Facebook Live.

Audience Insights

Use the insights given to you freely or ask your social media manager or agency to get you the information about your audience. This information is more vital than ever so that you can find out the makeup of your audience — geography, demographics, interests, time of day they interact, etc. Read our blog post Analytics: If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it.

HQ Content

Outside of your standard posts or video are high quality content likes Facebook Canvas, 360° video and more. The learning curve on creating some of this content is a little higher than a standard post but the potential outcomes are large.

Here’s an example of our very own Radcliffe & Co. Facebook Canvas in action.

In Conclusion

Over the years there have been many changes to your social media news feeds. Some were good, some not so much. We’re all still here. If you’re using social media as a social platform as opposed to an advertising platform you’ll probably make it through any changes that come your way.

Want Guidance?

If all of these changes seem too overwhelming and you’re looking to create a social media marketing campaign that’s driven by results. Call us at 724-209-7852 or contact us. We’ve been creating meaningful online experience for businesses for over 15 years.