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Radcliffe & Co Facebook Canvas on Mobile Phone

Using Facebook Canvas for Your Business

Chances are you’ve come across an ad while on Facebook for a major retailer that looked a little different than the rest. Curious, you give it a click and suddenly your screen has been immersed in beautiful imagery and video. Welcome to Facebook Canvas.

What is Facebook Canvas?

Facebook describes canvas as a “a full-screen, mobile-optimized, post-click experience that can feature a combination of images, videos, text and links.”. We like to describe the Facebook Canvas like this; a fast loading multimedia ad for mobile devices. Imagine if you took all of the post types available on your Facebook page and used them all at once to tell a story visually. In one Facebook canvas you can use images, video, carousels, links, and tilt-to-view panoramic images.

Facebook Canvas in action.

Source: Facebook

If you want to get started with Facebook Canvas there are a few things you should know. Canvas is mobile only, works with Android and iOS.  For now creating a Facebook Canvas will give you three objectives;

  • Get New Customers – Drive conversions with a mobile landing page that encourages action.
  • Showcase Your Business – Give people an engaging way to explore your brand, product or service.
  • Sell Products – Create an experience that lets people shop for your products or services right from their mobile device.

Unfortunately, Canvas does not support Facebook Lead Capture forms and can only direct traffic to a landing page. We’re hoping in the future Facebook will expand Canvas to allow for lead generation, click to call and creating conversations with customers via messenger.

So..Who is Facebook Canvas For?

Almost anyone can use a Facebook Canvas, but the biggest benefit is for businesses that ultimately have a story to tell. Here’s a few industries that we think could use an awesome Facebook Canvas to generate some interest;

  • Nonprofits – Facebook canvas would be a great way for nonprofits to use images and video to visually explain their cause, tell their story and reach potential donors or even increase event registration.
  • Real Estate – because of the visual nature of real estate, using a Facebook Canvas would be a great way to showcase select homes with tilt-to-view panoramic photos and video in order to drive traffic to landing pages.

Here’s an example of our very own Radcliffe & Co. Facebook Canvas in action.


Creating a Facebook Canvas is a great way to tell a story about your business, products or cause but in the end what you really want are good conversions. In order to get the full benefit out of your Canvas you’ll need to make sure you have a really good landing page. We can help you with that.

Think your business could benefit from using Facebook Canvas? Here at Radcliffe & Co. we can create a full screen, mobile-optimized experience that can feature a combination of images, videos, text and links for your business too! Give us a call at 724-209-7852 or send us a message.