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Analytics: If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it.

Google Analytics Radcliffe & Co.

Analytics: If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it.

Most services that you’ll use online give access to analytics, insights or general data about how your product or page is being accessed and used. Information like this is vital and can answer questions that will help you succeed. Often we don’t see people paying enough attention to just how important this information is.

We’ve worked with healthcare agencies in the past and have heard a saying from physicians about managing patient conditions. If you’re not measuring it, then you’re not managing it. This phrase has stuck with us and it’s has since become a mantra of ours.

Analytics are so vital that without them you wouldn’t know any of the following information.

Conversions & Return on Investment (ROI)

It will become increasingly important to know how many people have visited your site, and where they’ve came from, but do you know if those visitors are becoming conversions? By being mindful of your data you can track when a user completes a desired action on your site. Create goals in your Google Analytics based on these desired actions and you can compare how many visitors are completing the funnel process on your website. No matter how many users each channel is driving to your site, it’s important that traffic is converting.

Demographics & Interest Analytics

Knowing your audience is incredibly important if you want to create content that will be engaging to your audience. What age is your average reader? Are they male or female? What are their interests? This fundamental demographic information will help dictate what content you create, when you post it, and where. It will also help you to understand which of your readers are most engaged with your content and what topics they are reading. Unless you are specifically trying to create more brand awareness among a demographic that you’re lacking, then you should play to your strengths.

google analytics demographic overview

Source: Radcliffe & Co. Analytics

Effective Advertising

If you’re not measuring the effectiveness of your digital advertising with analytics then you’re not managing it. Spending $5,000 a month promoting your products and not tracking to see if your efforts are being effective is just ludicrous. Analytics and insight information allows you to see how effective your advertising and social media campaigns have been. If you’ve recently run a traffic campaign in Facebook you should expect to see traffic from Facebook right? Get the data to prove it.

Social Proof

There are insights available to you within social media profiles to show how many people have engaged with your pages and profiles. This information gives you a better idea of how well your page has performed on various social media metrics such as actions, page views, likes or follows, reach and engagement.

Social Media Insights

Source: Radcliffe & Co. Client

Device Usage Analytics

Monitoring which devices your users are coming from will give you a better idea as to how well your mobile site is working in comparison to the desktop version. You could be tailoring your experience for the wrong device and lowering the conversion rate of your website.

In Conclusion

You should be checking your monthly analytics to see how your efforts have been performing each month. If someone else is managing all of this for you, demand that you a monthly report from them.

Here at Radcliffe & Co. we’ve got a Google Analytics Certified Individual on staff and we’ve been using Google Analytics since 2006. We’re here to help in any way that we can. If you’ve got questions about how to use your data to your benefit send us a message or give us a call at 724-209-7852.